DataMover Network is an advanced client/server application that validates and tests high performance networking components such as NICs and CNAs.  Also a great tool for network implementers and FAE's to perform quick on-site testing.





  • Client/Server test application on Windows and Linux
  • IP4 and IP6 OSI layer 3 support
  • TCP and UDP OSI layer 4 support
  • Full-Duplex, Half-Duplex and External Loopback I/O directions
  • Full end-to-end data integrity testing
  • Automated performance characterization and reporting
  • Simultaneous IP4/6 and UDP/TCP operations on the same interface
  • I/O on multiple network interfaces
  • Up to 300 simultaneous network connections per server interface
  • License key required for activation
  • Please contact us for evaluation license
  • Automation mode supported for scripting purposes
  • Automated bus triggers used for debug